With the advancement of VT & FMS, more and more functions/ solutions are made available for various requirements like as follows:

Vehicle Tracking and Recovery – with the ability to cut the engine power and/or fuel, prevent restarting engine and track the location of the vehicle with pinpoint location in graphical map, owner can immediately recover stolen vehicle and share information to police authority. Tracking reports generated by the system may be used as court evidence against the perpetrators.

With an SOS (emergency) button available (optional) car driver can send distress signal/alarm to the proper person, in the loop, and accordingly perform appropriate and needed quick response.

Vehicle (Loan) Financing companies can easily track the location of the loaned vehicle, cut the engine/ fuel and prevent engine restart. With pinpoint accuracy loaned vehicle can be recovered quickly which saves not only great deal amount of time (in manual search) but also real money in paying the persons conducting the search. Multiplied the time and money with the number of vehicles need to be recovered within a day, week or month. This is reduction in expense and increase in company income.

Construction companies with fleet of equipment and machinery will benefit in the use of VT & FMS. Aside from knowing where are the equipment in the different construction sites and yards the system is functional in providing information such as fuel consumption, operation details, various quantity required information which an attached sensor/s can provide to the system for management and accounting.

There are various sensors that can be integrated to specific model and make of GPS which is most appropriate to fulfill company requirements like as follows:

– Cycle Counter/Sensor – Quantifying the number of revolution or cycle of cement mixer (truck).
– Passenger occupancy sensor – will provide data when the passenger seat (front/back) is/are occupied
– Temperature sensor – for use of the perishable goods dealer, chemical transport companies, pharmaceuticals and other low (to freezing) temperature dependent fleet companies.
– Fuel level sensor – get fuel level information and detect fuel drain or theft.
– Seat belt sensor

There are various reports that are very useful in making low to high level decision that directly affects the organizations bottom line. With initial investment plus the cost saving VT & FMS can provide to the organization, the organization’s bottom line will consequently improve and achieve ROI quickly. Some of the reports available in various formats are:

– Trip report detail
– Idle report
– Geozone report
– Odometer periodic service report
– Engine hour periodic service report
– Ignition report
– Device and Driver Performance
– License expiration
– Historical reports
– others