ICCES has built and is continually building in the proven strength and capabilities of OpenGTS system, being the first available open source project designed specifically to provide web based GPS tracking services for a fleet of vehicles.

Building over our experience with basic enterprise OpenGTS platform we scaled our platform to what is now a large enterprise capable and proven vehicle tracking and fleet management system.

We continually improve,add features and functionalities to our platform to address specific customer requirement. Below is the list of what our Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System can do for your organization:

1. Accounts dashboard for updated customer subscription management – latest
2. Scalability – manage vehicle from one vehicle to ten thousands and more
3. Supports various popular GPS devices in the market.
4. Browser and device responsive website
5. Multiple user, multiple groups or fleet accounts creation and management
6. Can generate many and various reports required by accounting and the management
7. Capable of handling GPS device I/O data processing for more meaningful and relevant reports for business intelligent decision
8. Multiple language support (Arabic, English, others)
9. Customizable interface for easy tracking
10. Automatic and Manual Vehicle Location
11. Real-time mapping display
12. GPS Live tracking
13. Interval tracking
14. Vehicle status
15. Vehicle profile (Vehicle license expiration, Odometer reading, Engine hour reading, Vehicle maintenance settings)
16. Driver profile (Driver license expiration)
17. Remote Engine Cut Off and restore
18. Generate report (via Email, HTML, CSV, XML, XLS)
19. User definable access
20. Create multiple Geozones
21. Create multiple GeoCorridor
22. Vehicle Maintenance (via Odometer or Engine hour reading)
23. Automated email reporting including alerts
24. Alerts (Over speeding, Power Fail, SOS, Low Battery, Geo-fence boundary breach, Etc. (Depends on customer requirement as long as we can install our sensor)
25. Reports (Cargo door sensor, Seat belt sensor, OBD (for teltonika device), Trip report detail, Idle report, Geozone report, Odometer periodic service report, Engine hour periodic service report, Ignition report, Device and Driver Performance, License expiration, historical reports, Etc.)
26. Monitor alerts
27. Vehicle alerts
28. Multiple user-selectable map view including traffic statistics by Google
29. Track and access anytime (24 x 7)
30. SMS and email notification for individual and group accounts
31. Simplified and intuitive User Interface for browser and mobile apps – latest
32. GPS tracking device independent
33. Other GPS tracking device can be added in the platform