vehicle tracking
Vehicle Tracking
Collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations, track vehicle in real-time via GPS. The tracking solution offers the ability to replay vehicle route information thru the web platform.


anti thief
Anti-theft System
The anti theft system works by sending a automatic alert to a phone or email if an alarm is triggered without authorization. Geofencing or zone alarm (virtual border) can be defined in the web platform. It is used to monitor whether the vehicle goes out of the defined area or enter a restricted area. RFID can be used as pre-authorization to access, lock and unlock driveway, parking garage and gates.

Camera Snapshot
Camera snapshot is use to take photo of people inside the vehicle like car, school bus or taxi’s. This feature is very useful especially for hijacked vehicle or illegally open doors.

seatbeltPassenger Seat Sensor
The seat sensor provides an alarm if somebody seats on the passenger seat (driver side and back seats) of the vehicle. The feature is more applicable to passenger or rented vehicle. It provides a report of when and how many times the car (taxi) has been hired and if they don’t use seat belt.


start AC and EngineStart Engine and A/C
The remote engine start allows the owner to start and stop the engine from outside the vehicle thru SMS. This feature also allows the pre-set climate settings to be ready before getting in the car and start driving. It is very useful especially in hot climate region in which temperature inside the car is too hot.

fuelFuel Monitoring
Fuel monitoring reduces operations cost and better fuel usage audit. Fuel level information is monitored by the fuel level sensor. Fuel consumption report can be generated easily and also allows the fleet management to know where the vehicle was fueled.

overspeedOver speed alarm
Over speed alarm works when the vehicle goes beyond the preset speed limit. A SMS notifications or an e-mail will be sent to the owner or the fleet automatically. This feature constrains the driver to stay in lawful speed limit at all times.

temeperatureTemperature Sensor
Temperature sensor allows fleet management to monitor real-time temperature of delivery trucks that contain perishable inventory like foods or pharmaceutical products. Cost efficiency is gained from a reduction in wastage or spoilage, (in the event of refrigeration failure).

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