I am looking for another Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Provider to migrate our Vehicles. What do I need to know?
The first thing you need to do is to contact our Technical Department. We will need the make and model of your GPS device installed in all your vehicles. An inventory list is helpful. We need to know if your GPS device protocol is included in our platform otherwise we will just have to add the protocol and migration should not be an issue. For more information, contact us.

How does the system work?
The system uses GPS satellites to calculate the location and speed of the vehicle at all times. It also uses the Internet connection to send this information to the server. This allows the user to enter through an Internet browser and locate your vehicle fleet from any PC or  Smartphone instantly.

How would I track my vehicle?
From any PC with Internet, from any country, you can access the website by entering tracking your username and password below to go to the location on the map in their vehicles. You can also send SMS command and the device will reply to you. Using your mobile phone, you may open an browser apps and enter the website url or download the Android/ IOS apps to your phone and configure it to connect automatically to the server.

How quickly transmit information?
In GPRS mode instantly transmitted. In SMS mode takes a few seconds to send the message. Teams usually transmitted every 1 minutes AVL your location by GPRS to avoid overloading the system or increase monthly costs too. In addition the user or system operator may interrogate the device requesting the exact location in real time.

I need to GPS devices?
You need a mobile phone chip Internet, SIM card. (The phone companies offer packages for large amounts of data at a lower price). Once you place the chip must install the GPS data in a hidden place of car. The installation process is simple: the GPS antenna must be attached under the dashboard but not metal obstructing the view of the sky. The GPS signal can pass through glass and plastic without problem. The rest is similar to the installation of an alarm.

Which map formats used?
The platform uses Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Streets and OpenStreetMap.

How I can test the product?
ICCES will install a demo unit to your car, give you username and password to access the demo server as well as to instruct you on what specific actions you like perform in the car via the device.

Can a burglar disable the system?
We can setup security protection against theft of the GPS device. If someone disconnect the GPS the device will send alarm/ SMS / update to the owner/platform immediately. All other relevant details were also sent. Vehicle recovery is faster and theft discovery also became faster.

Does it works anywhere?
Yes. The requirement to connect each GPS is fairly standard. An internet connection to the server, a GPS device, GSM coverage and SIM card (or satellite connection/satellite based GPS device).

What makes us different?
The product(s) we are using is proven to work in Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the Middle East designed specifically to monitor vehicles, assets and equipment under high temperature and inclement weather. Our platform has been upgraded and improved to meet many and more customer requirements and made it more open and viable for fleet migrations. The platform is easy to use, intuitive, effective in producing reports required by the management. We have experienced team all over the kingdom. Our price is the most affordable in the market. Our solution was selected by several companies in and out of the kingdom for its reliability and good technical support/after sales support.

We have various packages to choose from, from being a regular end user or an ICCES VT & FMS Sales Agent, an ICCES VT & FMS Solution Provider – we certainly are more than willing to assist you develop business together.